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Welcome to the Bacon Memorial District Library Virtual Tour.  The stately mansion on the southeast corner of Biddle and Vinewood in Wyandotte was built in 1897 by Edward Ford, president of the Michigan Alkali Company. The Queen Ann style structure has 27 rooms, 11 fireplaces, oak paneled rooms and a tower ascending to a 4th level.   In 1900, Edward’s son, John B. Ford became the principal resident of the house. Beginning in 1902, John’s daughter Mary, and husband Mark Bacon, made the residence their home for the next 40 years.   Since 1943, the building has been the site of Wyandotte’s public library.   This virtual tour is designed to give the viewer a sense of moving through the rooms, one by one, by presenting both room-size views, as well as close-up looks at interesting details.   The home’s first and second floors are open to the public during normal library hours.   Through this online tour, one of Wyandotte’s architectural treasures is now accessible 24 hours a day.   Enjoy the tour! 

Photos by Jenny Kijek.  Webpage contributions from Wally Hayden, created by Darlene Kilgore and Janet Cashin. 

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