First Floor Pictures








The Parlor was painted white. The Bacon family received guests in this elegant room. The three windows were made with curved glass.

The dining room featured a built-in buffet and leaded glass cabinets and windows. Now, this room holds the magazine collection.

Built-in bookcases with leaded glass door run along the east and west walls of the Library. President Clinton sat at the built-in writing desk during his 1996 visit to the Bacon Library.

The side hallway led to the carriage entrance. Outside, an arched brick carriage port once protected the family from rain when they exited their vehicle.

Original 1st floor light fixture

Original Ice Box, Chryslers perfect Refrigerator manufacturered in Detroit.

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The Library provides a small reading space.

The Billiard Room has three window seats. When the house became a public library in 1943, this was the Childrens Room.

Parlor column

Servant call box