The Friends of Bacon Library generously contribute to the Library in a number of ways. Listed below are some of the items purchased and programs subsidized for the Library over the years.

The Friends are also dedicating a portion of the yearly book sale proceeds to a fund to install an electronic sign on the corner of Biddle and Vinewood to enable the library to better promote materials and services.


Enhancements to the Library


 Microfilm Reader/Printer.
 Donation to the Newspaper Digition project.
 Curtains for the dining room in Bacon House.
 Rolling chairs for the computer area.
 Prizes for the adult and youth summer
 reading programs.
 Lost Detroit program.
 "Who Are You Calling Crazy" program.
 Bob-lo Island program.
 5 entertainers for youth summer reading program.
 Flowers for the front porch.
 Take This Book Program: 358 books distributed.


 Curtains for the front parlor.
 Digital watercolor of Bacon House,
 Revolving paperback rack.
 Silhouette Electronic Cutting Machine.
 Early learning toys for the youth section.
 Acrylic CD holders.
 Flowers for the front porch.
 Summer reading prizes and refreshments
 for both adults and children.
 How to Slash Your Grocery bill program
 for adults.
 Metro Parks Mobile Learning Center program
 for children.
 Mermaid program for children.
 Take This Book Program: 768 books


 Curtains for many rooms of Bacon House.
 Large Christmas wreath for the front of the
 Video games for the Family Game Collection.
 Flowers gracing the front porch of the house.
 Adult gardening program.
 3 summer reading programs for adults.
 Summer reading prizes and refreshments
 for adults and children.
 Halloween musical program for children.
 Balloon workshop for teens.
 5 summer reading programs for children.
 Take This Book Program: 787 books




 Patron door counter.
 Coffee urn
 Cardboard card sleeves with Library
 and Friend information printed on them.
 Revolving paperback rack.
 3 upholstered stools.
 New curtains for 2 rooms of the Bacon House
 AED device (Automated External Defibrillator)
 Flowers for the front porch.
 2 adult programs: Animal Medium and
 Healthy Meals on a Budget.
 7 youth programs: Paleo Joe, Animals Alive,
 5 summer reading programs.
 Machines and supplies to provide treats
 for the summer reading Carnival.
 Take This Book Program: 847 books and
 85 magazines were distributed.


 Furniture and flower boxes on the front
 Wall map of the Detroit metro area.
 Large floor globe.
 Summer reading programs.
 Take This Book Program: 745 books were






 New cabinet for youth programming supplies.
 New blinds for the multi-purpose
 room window.
 Flower boxes on the front porch.
 Wii gaming station for youth programming.
 LCD announcement screen has been a hit.
 Multiple Entertainers for the
 Summer Reading Program.
 Painting of the flagpole.